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"You have my permission to get your claws out girl!"


Excuse me?  This is what I heard at 7:53 this morning by my buyer.  

We have been negotiating a contract with a Relocation company (AT&T's) since Sunday.  She loves the home, has driven by it 5 times, brought 3 friends over & her mom has bought landscaping for the joint already (It's only Tuesday but hey, who doesn't love that kinda enthusiasm?!).    

Is it possible we could not get this home??!!  As a matter of fact, it is...  

We made a full price offer, FULL PRICE, asked for the washer & dryer to stay only, nothing abnormal.  We will pay our own closing costs, we will close in 4 weeks we will, we will, we will......My experience so far w/the AT&T re-locations has been they are PRICED RIGHT & there isn't much wiggle room for anything....If you want the house make your offer reflect that. 

If you snooze, you lose.   

We had a few initials & change of title company to change yesterday which we did, new initials, new check to different title company all to listing agent by 6PM yesterday (but relocation company still hadn't signed, wanted our updates 1st). 

I got an email from the listing agent (while surfing AR last night) "Just wanted to let you know we did get another offer in & they will both be presented tomorrow AM". 

Huh?  Are you kidding me?  Another offer at full price?  The home was up for 21 days now all this action!   

I emailed the listing agent back & asked how I could be #1?  She asked us to submit our best & final offer by 10AM today (Relo in CA, would be 8AM their time).   

Ugh?  Um, what else can we do?  How can we possibly outwit, outlast & outplay the other buyer?  Do we go above the asking price?  up the Earnest $?  Put more $ down?  Thinking, Thinking, Thinking.  Drop the washer & dryer?  They are all beat up & a pain to haul to her new city but......Uh, Yea. 

 Ok, I talked it over w/my buyer at the crack of dawn this AM - she said

"You have my permission to GET your claws out girl & make sure I get that house!"  


So I did.  Just got the call that we got that home.  Our bid is #1.  Wow.  We almost lost this home over a old, beat up washer & dryer? 


If you are in search of a Realtor who isn't afraid to "get their claws out" call on The Moran Team

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